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Fast Payment


We at GPA LOGISTIKA are proud of the strong cooperative relationships we have established with you, and we consistently seek to further develop and expand these relationships.

We have designed a Fast Payment Program that offers you early payment – at good conditions – for the shipments you transport on our behalf.

Your benefits

Faster payment. The Fast Payment Program allows you to receive payment from GPA LOGISTIKA before the agreed-upon payment deadline – and at good conditions.

Simple. Just email us and get paid in 48 h.

Sample calculation. Actual Fast Payment Program conditions you can find in you Transport Assignment, it can vary depending on branch you work with. 

Credit €  1,000.00
Terms of payment 60 days
Payment in 48 h after receiving required paperwork Yes
Your cost for accelerating payment 2.9%
You will receive: €     971.00


If you need any help with this, please contact our Team at:

smart foreash

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