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We just love what we do at GPA LOGISTIKA
We are a goal-oriented and fast-growing logistics company. At GPA LOGISTIKA we deliver your cargo safely and on time anywhere by road, sea or air.

We know about logistics
We have built up invaluable knowledge and expertise since 2006 of working with in international transport. If you need to transport your goods - we can do it! From small businesses to large organizations, we can add value to your supply chain with our solutions.
We're proud of our values
Employees. People are the core of our business. Without them, we would have no business.
Friendly customer service. By serving our customers with very personable, competent and proficient service.
Social responsibility. Giving back is a fundamental aspect of GPA LOGISTIKA identity and values.
Our services include:
  • partial LTL, groupage, transport services between the EU, Scandinavia, Ireland, Baltics and Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS
  • full truck loads FTL, between EU, Scandinavia and Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS
  • multimodal transport services
  • intermodal transport solutions
  • maritime transport
  • warehousing
  • labeling, packing and other cargo handling services
  • 3PL
  • customs brokerage

We offer well-established and scheduled LTL and FTL transport services to and from: Spain, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Portugal, Ireland, Estonia, UK, Belarus, Belgium and Kazakhstan.



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